when love fully flowers

when love flowers fully
it detaches from the personal
it stops being about self gain and self worth
the whole game of self seeking ends

and something new begins

as if by grace
the whole world
becomes the beloved
and, as if by magic,
everyone, and everything,
becomes an intimate lover
the whole of existence
shows its true face
you can see the beauty, the horror, the suffering
and behind and inside everything
you see the beloved

nothing, absolutely nothing
and no-one, absolutely no-one,
is excluded from this

it is quite astonishing…

the veil is down
and the truth is revealed
it was all god all along
it was us who misunderstood
it was us who drew down the veil
it was us who got it all wrong

but you can only really know this
to be true
when love fully flowers

when it fully flowered in me
it destroyed everything that was false
it broke my heart so wide open
life poured in
and stayed.

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