only the deepest softness

i have tried to meet the world
meet my lover
and meet myself
in many different ways
over the long years of my life
i have tried to rage, argue and battle
I have tried to run and deny
i have been intolerant and indignant
have even stood aloof and arrogant
upheld by righteousness and superiority

but none of these tactics ever brought me
or anyone else


only one thing, only one measure
has worked every time
and that is to meet everything,
all experience, all form,
within and without,
with the deepest softness

i may not like it, want it or feel i need it
it may hurt like hell
and bring great sadness or pain
but when i allow
myself to surrender
into the deepest softness
something new happens
that opens the door
to majesty

not the loud majesty of pomp and pride
but the humble majesty
that may be unseen
yet extraordinarily beautiful
and sweet

when you get tired of fighting the world
or yourself
don’t give up and hang your head
in resignation
but surrender the fighter
to this deepest softness

we will meet there.

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