there is a sadness that shines

there is a sadness
that opens the door
to peaceful acceptance
of the wheel of life

and there is a grief which,
when opened to,
may bring
the most profound love

but both sadness and grief
are shunned and demeaned
by those who desperately
flap around on the surface
and so they may never know
peace or love

i turned my back
on all that
and dived down
into the darkness
and there, amongst the tears and regret,
the pain and the deep wounds,
lay the most exquisite jewels

and now i wear those jewels
every moment of every day
with a humble pride
that says
‘i am not afraid of the darkness or the shadows.’

9 thoughts on “there is a sadness that shines

  1. You are very kind and you seem to be diving deep yourself man..As Ive grown older it seems to be the only thing my heart really wants, this deepest intimate expression..Turning into a poet of sorts..Onwards and inwards.


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    1. Thanks for the inclusion in this Grabbety, but I just can’t do it..Ive tried once before and failed to get to the finish line and so now don’t even start even though there is a small desire to take part…Its better for my soul to just write my damn poetry and be done with it, pure and simple. I have no idea why I do it and it serves no purpose other than for and of itself, and as each poem rises up so it falls back into the ocean from which it came..I do appreciate the support and read your own answers and questions with interest and enthusiasm and love it, but for me not..Blessings Kavi


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