Soul’s True Home

If you live
From love
As love
With love
You do not need any religion
You do not need to awaken
Or change anything

If all your action in this world
Is rooted in love’s truth
You do not need to find your purpose
For you are the purpose

But the love I speak of
Is not easily found
It is not the teasing and taunting love
Of a fragile ego
It is not a love you can trade and barter

It is the love that holds the world
In tender embrace
And fiery compassion
It is the soul’s true home
The ground of being
And your essential nature

Live from that place
And see how your fire
Sets everything around you alight
And holds ground
While all around is madness and drama

If you live
From love
As love
With love
There is nothing more to do.

8 thoughts on “Soul’s True Home

      1. I’ve used the scheduling feature as a trial. If not I shall do it manually 🙂 I don’t have a million followers, but I have some tender hearts who will love your words!

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