searching for home

the human adventure
is driven by lack
this secret sense
that something is missing
and if only it could be found
we would be whole
and free
and so we seek
and that seeking
drives our entire lives
we look in things and stuff
and in what we can get from love
or we devote our time to power
we search innocently in experience
on and on it goes
never knowing
that this searching
is an itch that cannot be scratched
a wound that cannot be healed
and a place that cannot be found
by the mind alone…


oh mystery, how then to solve this puzzle?

there is a different kind of intelligence
that lives inside everything
and that intelligence is whole
it has no lack, nothing missing
we must somehow reach that intelligence

and we can only do that by
falling into the unknown
as though to our death
letting go of what we know
what we want
and what we fear

and then, with a sprinkle of grace,
we may fall into the cavern
of this divine intelligence
and stop searching
and start living

this is love.

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