eternity and time

i have lived on the outside of things
all my life
consumed by a loathing of the mediocre
carrying a fire
in my belly
and a heart that burns
for freedom

for some of us
being incarnated in a time based organism
trying to squeeze consciousness
into this tiny shell
is like trying to fit
eternity into an hour glass
it won’t happen

my awakening came
when i realized
that i am not one thing or another
not eternal once
and then become a human hour glass
but both
eternity and time itself

i knew myself as BOTH!

and all my problems fell away
and the fire that burned for freedom
became a love that loved everything
and everyone
there was no more conflict within
no more trying to squeeze myself
into being human
and no more desire to escape

it is simple
i am eternity
arising as form
destined to return
to eternity
while here as form
i am still eternity
the wave is still the ocean
and the ocean is always the wave.

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