earthquake poetry

last night as i travelled to some distant dimension
bodiless and free of all measurable constraints
i was yanked violently back to this dense place
by some almighty shudder and groan

‘WAKE UP!’ it demanded

and thus i awoke
confused and alarmed
mind scrabbling to comprehend
anxious for my beloved
fearful for my precious life

the dog next door howled and barked
at this unknown mystery
that visits when it wants
without any introduction

and then it fell silent
as if nothing had happened

nature returns effortlessly to calmness
not so the anxious mind
terrified of death and pain and loss

but slowly slowly mind calmed
heart slowed
and i returned to that other place
bodiless and free of all measurable constraints

in the morning it all seemed like a dream.

SAN FRANCISCO — A magnitude 4.4 earthquake centered on the Hayward faultnear the UC-Berkeley campus jolted the Bay Area awake early Thursday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. CBS San Francisco reports the quake struck at 2:39 a.m. and was felt throughout the East Bay, North Bay and San Francisco. While many were jolted out of their beds, there was no preliminary reports of damage.

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