whatever comes – friend or foe?

there are two ways of meeting what comes
but one road leads to prison
and one to freedom
one way is as though everything is a friend
and the other way is as though nothing is
you can try for some imagined middle path
where some things are friends
and yet others are foes
and somehow trust your beliefs and your conditioning
but it will never lead to love or joy
only to some half way house
where everything is kind of grey…

but here is the thing
to meet everything as a friend
requires you to drop every notion of the world and your self
all judgements, all assumptions, all beliefs
and every idea of what is right or wrong
or good or bad,
without becoming a victim or a fool


to find this freedom you might be searching for
you must go naked and shameless
into the world
and you must allow the world in
regardless of how it appears.

this is the path of the truth seeker.

Krishnamurti suddenly paused, leaned forward and said, almost conspiratorially, ‘Do you want to know what my secret is?’ ” (There are several accounts of this event; details vary.) Krishnamurti rarely spoke in such personal terms, and the audience was electrified, Dreaver recalls. “Almost as though we were one body we sat up… I could see people all around me lean forward, their ears straining and their mouths slowly opening in hushed anticipation.” Then Krishnamurti, “in a soft, almost shy voice”, said: “You see, I don’t mind what happens.

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