surrender the righteous self

i have discovered the great secret
that will transform the world
and end the war between people
though i am not sure many will buy it

for they cling like drowning men
to the raft of being right
they divide this great world
into the right and the wrong
and that’s it, that’s all there is

but if you head in the opposite direction
you will discover a secret majesty
and great power
and openness
beyond this play of duality

and that is the simple secret
that by endeavoring, over and over,
to surrender the righteous self
not as some theory
but in those heated moments when one
clutches so hard at being right,
or falls into the victim pit of being wrong,
and by willingly surrendering this
over and over,
by and by
the door of the palace of wisdom and love
will swing open and you will be invited in
this is the wonder that awaits you
should you put down your weapons
of righteousness

but a word of caution…
it is not easy
and something within you will have to die
and that part will scream and tirade and whine
still you must allow it to go

only he, or she, who is empty and unarmed
may enter the palace.

4 thoughts on “surrender the righteous self

  1. The call to “put down your weapons / of righteousness” – a message to spread! Though fraught with failure, attempts take one closer to the goal … each attempt building incrementally. Guessing we all have more in our personal arsenals than we are even aware of!

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    1. At first feels like death itself, but slowly slowly the death feeling gets slightly less and less until eventually it might (with grace) disappear completely. I honestly feel it almost gone now, like a shadow that lingers only…Such a joy and utter relief…x Thanks so much for your comment! x Love x

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