the tricksters invitation

my friend
i wish we could sit together
and loosen the grip
of this world
for one moment
we might gaze into
each other’s hearts
and see
what is truly there

we are like jewels
covered with coal
buried in earth
hidden from view

and only he, or she,
who seeks without end
who is prepared
to dig and dig
even when it looks helpless
and all may seem lost,
may stumble unwittingly
upon the mine

friend, know this,
the jewel may seem hidden from view
but don’t take the tricksters words
at face value
it could be right here
in the palm of your hand

don’t let your mind trick you
by placing everything at arms length
freedom does not dangle itself
in front of the donkey’s face
the farmer dangled the carrot
to trick the donkey
but the donkey was always free.

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