to live as stillness

to live as stillness
is the hardest challenge
being calm and peaceful
when all around may rage
like a tornado
requires great courage
and mindfulness

i am reminded of the bamboo
that thrashes around
yet at its core
it is gracefully peaceful

the world is as wild as the wind
it will never leave you alone
but you must learn the art
of leaving it alone

3 thoughts on “to live as stillness

  1. kenza

    Thank you. It is always a pleasure to read you. I am, I admit, a little baffled by the poetry I read online in blogs –so many use vulgarities and harsh words. The world is rough enough as it is I think. It may reflect a reality in many people’s mind, I do not know. So thank you for always providing a space of quietness and beauty. Kenza.

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    1. Kenza, I agree with you. The world is rough enough without me adding to it..I learned once from a master shaman that the ancient ones said only beauty can save the world. I don’t know about saving the world but I have seen that beauty and love heal something within us all. I appreciate your dropping in always and providing a loving and clear reflection x

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