Falling Into Grace

Each day I choose to open
To the mystery
Of the unknown

I wake up as the unknown
From the dream world
Suddenly I arrive
In a body
From the formless place
Of sleeps vastness

And quickly the known
Floods into my consciousness
Who I am, what I do
And where I am

And with it come all the thoughts
Like the dam has broken
And thought water
Is flooding in
Seeking certainty and safety
And control
‘What about this?’
‘What about that?’
And then fear arises, and anxiety
And doubt
The past and future
Come barreling into the present
Like gatecrashers
At a chilled party

And then I stop
And I ask myself
‘What do I really know
To be true?’
The truth is I know nothing..

I am so sick of the known
Of the endless patterns
Everything is worn out
Except falling endlessly
Into the grace of the unknown
So I’m surrendering all this
To God. Not to some old fashioned God
But to the eternal mysterious intelligence
That carries the whole thing
While we scurry around like
Self important ants.

I’m done with control
I will meet you in the mystery
But leave what you think you know
At the door.

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