we carry the paradox

on one hand it is at it is,
perfect in itself
and as life unfolds
moment by moment
it seems to be moved by it’s own intelligence
it will last long beyond our arrival
or departure

and yet on the other hand
so much is broken
and man’s destructive hand
has swept across the earth
with arrogant intensity
forgetting he is the mere custodian
and not the owner

we who see
must carry the paradox
of the perfection
and the imperfection
with grace
and with great compassion
knowing the futility
of man’s grasping at eternity
his desperate clutching at power
and his utter blindness
to what beauty is already here

all it takes is one step backwards
and a breath
to see the magnificence 
and the perfection
even amidst the horror
and the suffering.

*please note – when i use the term ‘man’ here, although it’s generally used to signify all humanity, i am leaning more and more towards it actually meaning MAN. The history of humanity has, in the last few thousands of years, as far as i can see, been the history of the masculine paradigm. suppression of the feminine, both inside each individual, and outwardly in the relentless and ruthless domination of women, has brought us to where we are. that is not ‘all humanity,’ that is mankind, the masculine with all its demented narcissism. i see a world that is changing, because it will have to. and that means the end of masculine, patriarchal domination and the rise of the new feminine. what that looks like and how it changes things i do not know. but it’s in the air and it is coming. so yes i very much mean ‘men’ when i say men.

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