there is great change coming

it is everywhere
when you have eyes to see
a great change is sweeping though us all
the end of man’s dominion
yes there it is
i have said it
the end of patriarchy
the end of centuries 
of masculine thinking
driving the whole world crazy

man was born to serve the divine
the grail, the feminine
for man must be in service to something 
but he stopped serving that grail
and began serving himself
and his own ego
and sought to control the feminine 
in the same way he must control all things
when he does not know himself

the way of the divine
is not though control
but through care and compassion
and the spirit of connection

man, your time has come
you have tried to control all things natural
but you have to know
you cannot tame
the wild animal
or the free spirit
and eventually you will eat yourself
in your desire for power
that time is almost come

the time of women is at hand
and those men who choose to serve 
this wisdom
will find depth and power
and those that don’t will perish
such is the natural cycle of life

i am in service to that
and to nothing else.

I think that the real woman is a person who protects and saves the world; a woman is a person who knows the secrets of life; a woman is a person through whom the great and powerful energy of love manifests and the love, which creates life. Therefore the salvation of the world will come through the woman, not through the man.

Peter Deunov –

Photo by Jasper van der Meij on Unsplash

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