Love is the Totality

When human beings think of love
They imagine this personal kind of feeling
Built on need and desire,
Something that comes and goes
Entirely dependent on circumstances
An ephemeral and unstable kind of love

But that is like looking at a wave
Without seeing the rest of the ocean

Love is the totality of things

If you can get deeper and deeper
Until you transcend this ordinary world
And leave behind its blinkered ways
You may see that it is all Love
And even the hate, the death and the suffering
Is included
Love is so vast
There is nothing that is not it
And the coming and going from the formless to form
Is part of this grace

Love is what you see
When you look into the night sky
And see the distant galaxies
When you gaze into your own soul
Or into the eyes of your beloved
When you weep for a life taken
When you arrive here
And when you depart

It may take you an entire lifetime
To realize the only truth that matters
Is the totality of Love.

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