love is atomic

i have reflected deeply on love
i have seen that which comes and goes
like the wind
flapping on the surface of life

but i have also witnessed the wonder of
a river that runs through everything
hidden and subtle
yet powerful and divine
few know it is there
only sages, seers and the unlikely voyager

that river is love itself
it is not a choice
it is the essence of all things
inside the air and the water
the trees and the stars
the animals and the birds

it is not dependent on belief
and it doesn’t matter
whether anyone chooses it or not
though it may make life a little easier
but it is there anyway
the very core

touch it and everything changes
make your home in it
and the whole world of illusion collapses
love dissolves the matrix
nothing else
not war, nor resistance
but love’s infinite power

for love is atomic
and, like a bomb, once it is released
it can do incredible good in the world
and touch millions of people.

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