we are surrounded by mystery

we are surrounded by mystery
behind us and in front of us
at both sides we face the void
the absolute unknown
the eternal emptiness

no wonder we huddle together
preoccupied with what we have
or don’t have
obsessed with power
and love

it is a brave soul
who ponders such things
who stares into the abyss
who does not shrink in fear

without even knowing it
each of us carries
an existential terror
that we are alone
surrounded by eternity
a tiny blip in the silence
a teardrop in an ocean

but we cannot face our deepest nightmare
so we turn away
and create a world
of distraction

oh! human
you are the most puzzling of creatures
blessed with such brilliance
you waste your time
on pettiness

turn, and turn again
to face the unknown
you cannot truly know life
until you face death.

2 thoughts on “we are surrounded by mystery

  1. kenza

    Lovely! It reminds me of something Alan Watts once said (I am paraphrasing from memory): “We are just creatures living on a wet rock at the edge of an immense galaxy. Either you get depressed and ask many unanswerable questions, or you just think “how extraordinary!””

    Liked by 1 person

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