with hands and heart open

we spend our days
pulling our old wounded self around
like an old bag of stuff
trying to run away into the future
but, like a dark shadow,
no matter how fast we run,
there it is, always with us…

turn, i say, turn and meet whatever is there
whoever they are, whatever they want,
it’s always love calling you
stop running away
and turn, softly, with open hands
and welcome your own darkness
no fixing, no story, no reason, no blame
just the open hands of acceptance
welcome whatever comes
whatever the old pain
let it scream and wail and rage against life
just stay with hands open

by and by, sooner or later
you may begin to notice
nothing behind you,
the bags will be gone
you will be traveling free and easy
untethered by what was
and now fully available to meet life
with no agenda or expectations
freedom is presence
presence has let go of the bags
and walks with hands and heart open.

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