turn towards simple beauty, you are a zen master

in the simplicity of zen mind
everything is beauty
because it is as it is

and it is us who bring complexity and confusion
we who bring doubt and divide existence 
it is us who create the duality we live in
in zen mind there is no good or bad
or right or wrong, there is no judgement upon things

this is not a cold, loveless state
not a denial of suffering
but instead is a simple turning towards 
the truth of things
and seeing with the eyes of god

turn again towards your experience 
and look from awareness, not self,
and maybe you will catch a glimpse
of the is-ness of things unfolding
moment by moment 
no reason
no interpretation
no judgment
just this

what peace, what emptiness 
what beauty, what love

thats it, that’s all it is
simple beauty
you are a zen master


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