I Entered This World Trembling

I entered this world trembling with anticipation
Excited to see what the fuss was about

Yet fearful of being trapped in a body

Limited in space and time

It has taken me sixty short long years

To get any where near understanding

What on earth is going on
And I have concluded
That matters of man are small

He is preoccupied with power, sex and self
But the mystery of life itself
How and why we exist
And what it is we really are
These are elegant and beautiful questions to ask

When I exit this world I may tremble with anticipation
There will be great sadness leaving the familiar
And of course my beloved
But I arrived unattached and free
And I feel honor bound
To meet my death the same way

We have no idea what this experience really is
We make up stories to explain this
Totally overwhelming wonder we call life
And yet we spend our days distracted by things
That don’t matter

If I could invite you to anything
It would be to remember, somehow, even with your imagination
When you first arrived
And to then cast your eye, even with your imagination
To when you might leave
And then to step back and wonder
Without forming any conclusion
But simply to allow the unknown
To wash you clean of everything you think you know.

2 thoughts on “I Entered This World Trembling

  1. The godlike Robert

    You didn’t enter this world, you emerged out of it. The meaning of life is the experience of it and not to have it figured out. This is filled with both beings and nonbeings and you were once a nonbeing and you will be one again.

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