everything must be sacrificed

the foolish man imagines this to be real
so attached has he become
he is lost

without beauty
without tenderness and care
there is only a barren landscape of self
clutching and grabbing

if there is no humility to be found inside
there is only animal nature
and everything is a war

oh! seeker of power
who climbs to the top
desperate for love
but unable to love
you are climbing to nowhere
your path is a dead end

and everything must be sacrificed 

you inflict your own misery on the world
yet it only makes your pain worse

you can go nowhere else,
the road for you ends here
in rage and torment and vengeance

and everything must be sacrificed 

my friend who reads these words
don’t be consumed by the world
don’t give your allegiance to power
to falseness and lies

but turn again and again towards
tenderness, beauty and love
awaken your sleeping heart
and share it
our time here is brief
don’t waste it on ugliness.

(written in the current climate of division and power here in the USA)

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