Don’t Be Afraid of Love

I am on the path of love’s depth and surrender
I always was, and yet I spent so many dark years
Tormented and terrified
Even of my own shadow
Until I was able to turn
And meet my ghosts
Open my hands and heart to them
And welcome them home
It turned out they had not been trying to terrify me
But were desperately trying to get my attention
Because they didn’t want to be locked out
In the cold

How strange love is
What we imagine it to be
Is nothing like it
The mind conjures visions and stories
And none of them are real
Only truth can open the door to love
I was graced by the willingness
To stop and turn
And my life utterly changed
Now I see love everywhere
And I see those who push it away
Terrified of love’s truth
Of its power to shine light on darkness

It’s not the darkness many fear
It’s the light of truth
It is love.

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