love’s not for bartering

the ego loves to barter
it is happiest when it’s comparing and competing
trading and transacting

and it tries to do the same with LOVE

but friend

love’s not for bartering
don’t believe ego’s story of transactional love
it will trick you into a life of compromise
it will leave you cold and empty

love’s not for bartering
nor bargaining, comparing or competing

love is an invitation to openness
and every strategy the ego uses
to navigate the world
must be left at love’s door

love wants everything
it wants all of you
no negotiation
just total surrender
into openness

it may even seem terrifying
and it is, to the ego self
but you know, deep inside,
this is what you yearn for
what your greatest longing is for

the opportunity is here, now
in each moment
the beloved is here right now
and love’s door is always open.


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