The Divine and the Human

The sun arrived on time
To greet the cold moon
They were good friends
And went back a long way
Even though they were very different
The sun, after all, was always blazing and radiant
As supreme consciousness
While the moon ebbed and flowed
Like feelings themselves
Watery and human

I stood by the resplendent bay
And wondered why, if our greatest teachers,
The sun and moon
Have no problem
In fact they dance with each other happily
What, I thought,
Is our problem?

Oh! human
Wake up to your divine nature
You are lost in your humanness
But that is not the whole picture
And excluding your divine nature
Will leave you dried up
And miserable

Go to the ocean just before dawn
And see how
There is no conflict
Between the absolute
And the relative worlds
Between the depth of feeling
And exalted pristine consciousness

And carry that truth with you always.

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