We Are Divine AND Human

The world we live in is so very human
Messy, uncontrollable, fragile, delicate
Impermanent, emotional
And equally joyous, loving, enduring,
Creative and inventive
The divine within us
Cannot solve the mess
Of the human condition
Neither must it be denied
But it can be held in palm of the hand
As you would hold a beautiful butterfly
Not with tight and clenched fist
But with palm open and soft

To forget our divine nature
Is to be plunged into a world
That is merciless in its push and pull
To have no awareness of our divinity
Is to be cut off from that
Which feeds us and holds us in its arms
Divinity gives this human life its context
It is the water we swim in, the air we breathe

Our divinity is not a belief
In some God
It is the truth of our nature
We are human AND divine
Always, all the time
And when we forget or slip into one or the other
We become detached and aloof
Or lost and crazy

Divinity AND humanity
Is who we are
Our forgetting is the problem
Our forgetting is the cause of war
And fighting
The cause of fear and hatred
And the cause of attachment and suffering
All this stems from our forgetting our divine nature

And remembering our divine nature
Reminds us that we are one consciousness
Manifesting as separate individuations
And everyone and everything is equal
And everyone and everything is worthy of the same love
And it is our human duty to look after and care for each other,
The world we find ourselves in, and all life that exists around us
Remembering our true nature restores us to wholeness
And when we are restored to wholeness
The world around us begins to return to wholeness.

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