What if there is no meaning to this?

I fell, a thousand thousand years of falling
And arrived, screaming
Into this
From an eternity of nothing, no-thing at all
To this something
This briefest moment
This breath in and breath out

I have railed and cried
Trying to squeeze the universe into this body
‘It just doesn’t fit,’ I sobbed.

It looks like I am someone
But really I am stardust
Galactic debris from distant planets
All squeezed together
Into this little old me

There are times
When I get real quiet
Or in moments of great torment
And I cast my gaze to my true home
Out there in eternity
In the emptiness
The silence
The formless

And upon remembering my true home
I am reminded that
These three score years and ten
This life held captive by time
Means nothing
And that’s ok

It doesn’t need to mean anything
The search for meaning
The big WHY
Is probably one of man’s greatest torments
Yet also one of his most powerful
Driving forces

Oh! man and woman
You have got it so wrong
To forget your eternal nature
And become lost in your imagination
Your life is a dream
And not what it seems
A simple error
Has given rise to a monster

And now it’s time
For each of us to remember
Our essence
And bow to the eternal in each other
And in ourselves.

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