An update and website name change

Friends, I have decided to jump in deeper with this poetry site.

That means I have paid to remove advertising, I was so sick of it as I’m sure you were.

And now it means I have changed the website name, bought a new one and mapped it to this wordpress site.

It is now

I think this marks a new momentum of poetry for me.  To be clear, I am not trying to do anything with the poetry I write. I’m not trying to get somewhere, or make a career out of it, or get more followers or even appeal to the followers I do have (but thank you anyway!)

No, I simply write because I choose to write, maybe because it gives me something other areas of life don’t give me. Even my music, and I love playing and writing and recording music, doesn’t give me what my poetry does.

That is probably directly because it’s just simple expression with no particular purpose other than itself.

To me it is love, love as consciousness, love as expression, love as form, and love as beauty and love as communication, that’s why I do it.

So I wanted to thank you, to those of you who read it, those who support me, those who like, those who read and don’t comment and those who don’t respond. I appreciate it all. I am not going to change much I can’t imagine. The website may expand in some way, but probably not.

That all I have to say.

Much love to you on this day.

Kavi ( )

4 thoughts on “An update and website name change

  1. Your reasons for writing align with my own … I write because I cannot NOT write, and I post the bits I want to share (others tucked into private spaces).
    Looking forward to your words here …


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