The Un-Faced Past Is A Hungry Ghost

At some point on your journey
You will have to make a choice
Or you may well be ruled by the past
Your whole life
That choice is whether you continue
To feed the hungry ghosts
That love your fear and anxiety
Held captive by something
That happened a long time ago
Or not..

The past lives on inside us
As long as we have not faced it

At some point you will have to turn around
And meet it
And that is when a great decision could be made
The decision to no longer give your power away
To no longer give your authority away
To no longer let those ghosts
Steal your innocence

In turning and facing
You may fall into a deep hole
Don’t worry
It may feel as though you are dying
Don’t worry, the you that is dying needs to die
You may feel terrified and out of control
As though you are going mad
That is the weight you have carried unconsciously all your life
That is the baggage, the pain, the guilt, the suffering
The self blame, guilt, rage
That’s what you feel when you turn and face the ghosts
That’s why it feels like death

Walk willingly into that fire
And let burn what must burn
Let the fire of love burn what is no longer needed
And emerge, arise, awaken
And Free.

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