Born for Simple Joy

You can only
Cover over the cracks
For so long
Before what is hidden
Behind those cracks
Starts seeping through
And breaking into
Any intimate or vulnerable
Part of your life.

The cover over the cracks
Was only there as a temporary measure
A form of protection
Necessary at the time
But now become an old and tired habit
With no purpose left
And thus it torments you
To let it go

Uncover the cracks
And let the light shine in
And out

We must carry our defensive strategies
Only as long as absolutely necessary
But the wise one
Knows when this time is
And will choose, at some point,
To put down his, or her, arms
And meet the rest of life
With open hands

The alternative is life as a prisoner
Held captive in a bar-less jail

Come, throw off your old cloak of fears
And run free into the fields of joy
Jump, shake, scream and howl
Let it all go in a great dance of abandon
You will find this freedom
Has been inside you all the time
Waiting for the right moment
To reveal itself.

You were born for the simple joy of freedom
Don’t settle for anything less.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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