This Great Vulnerability

Oh! this great vulnerability
That underpins all action
And all thought

We are so vulnerable
Having arrived, seemingly unbidden,
And thrust mercilessly into the arms
Of strangers
Who claim ownership of us
And mold us, bend us and entangle us

We who came from god knows where
To this mystery of god knows what

At either end of the delicate thread of time
Lies eternity
And here we are
Desperate to make sense of it
Terrified of existence
And terrified of non existence

We have no idea why we are here
So we busy ourselves
With loving and tormenting
Ourselves and each other
Pretending our lives have meaning
But underneath
We have no idea what is going on

We are vulnerable children
At the mercy of forces
We do not understand
Apparently alone in a bewildering universe
That stretches to eternity
On a tiny ball spinning through space
That we cannot leave

We are so vulnerable
And we need each other
We need to be able to stare into each others eyes
And cry and laugh and scream
At the madness of finding ourselves
Alive without knowing why.

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