Aim Your Arrow High

The call has come
To rise and shine
To aim your arrow high
To hold your nerve
And, with great dignity,
Meet the world, over and over,
With an inner glow,
Humble yet proud

You have done nothing wrong
Did you read that?
So why the apologetic manner?
Why the guilt, the shame,
Why the withholding?

Finish with that nonsense
It no longer serves you or the world
And make a deep prayer, a resolution, a commitment
And stay with it, and see where you fall,
And forgive yourself and get back on,
Be done with the inner apologist

I don’t mean embolden your ego
I mean be as true and as certain as an arrow
You, who hide your light,
Don’t tell me there isn’t a secret longing
Within your deep
A longing to shine, to just shine as yourself

Well no one will twist your arm
No one will force you
That’s your choice,
Your will
It may be the only power you have
The power to realize
There is no authority outside you
And you cannot keep
Giving yourself away like this

The call has come
To rise and shine
To aim your arrow high
Oh blessed one.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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