Love Is a Poem Written By God

All that happens
The falling in
And the falling out
The in breath and the out breath
The moving towards and the moving away
Is a love poem written by God’s own hand

We, the characters,
We who appear to love each other
And not love each other
To find the perfect one
To lose the perfect one
To spend a life searching for the one
To live acceptingly without the one,
We are the love that God writes

It makes no difference
To divine intelligence
Whether we find love or not
For we ARE love itself
Each of us
The line in a poem
Written by God

Love is a poem written by God
And you are that love

Nothing you can ever do 
Will get you more love
From the divine source
Despite religion’s misguided beliefs
We cannot use religion to try and control ourselves
Here on earth
Whether we act with evil intent
Or unconditional love
Is entirely our choice
Unconnected with any divine retribution
Or reward.


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