untethered and free

no-one ever quite forgets
their wild nature
it drives their desire for beauty
creativity or search for freedom

because we are still carrying
our ancestors in our blood and bones
even as we sit
in our suits and ties
and discuss important matters

and don’t imagine that you have to
be crazy or run amok
to remember your wild nature
it is much more subtle than that

that wildness is in your heart and soul
all you have to do is touch it and taste it
because it is not really dead
until you are

let the wild one out
just a little at first
don’t try and paint a portrait
throw the paint all over the canvas
wear your wildest clothes for a day
speak only love poetry
dance to the silence
jump in that freezing stream
climb the mountain
and speak to god about your life

or simply sit
and go deep inside
find your inner flame
and smile
allow the chains of servitude
to fall gently away
feel the wild and beautiful bird
fly from her cage
into the blue beyond
into the great sky
and free.

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