When the Heart of the Earth Dweller is Closed

I have one foot in the other world
And one in this
I cannot quite make my home here
Drawn as I always am to the deeper realms
And the higher heavens
And yet there is something
Attractive and mesmerizing about this existence
And something for me to do here
Love, simple joy, compassion for suffering
The only things that have substance
Are what I have discovered
Amidst the debris of the human condition
The jewels in the coal mine

And while I have breath left
And some remaining energy
In these wearying bones
I will talk of love
And offer humility
To all the arrogance
Offer great love where there is only fear
And sing the song of compassion
To those on earth
Who are alone and afraid
Confused or tortured

When the heart of the earth dweller is closed
No life can really pour through them
They are like the walking dead
The task is to open up one’s own heart
And then turn attention
To everyone else’s.

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