The Song of Humanity

There is only one true poem
It tells the story
Of innocence lost
Abandoned to shame
Blame and guilt

It speaks of the human journey
In the wilderness
Lost in drama
And righteousness
Desperate for meaning

It is an enduring and heart breaking tale
Of unimaginable suffering
Of man against man
Man against woman
True nature forgotten
A tale of greed and avarice
Of idols and false gods
Of confusion and chaos

Ah! But here is the thing
This great poem
Speaks to each of us
For this is the poem
Of you and me

The innocence lost is yours and mine
Can we find it again?

The struggle in the wilderness
Lost in drama
Desperate for meaning
Is our struggle
Can we find the light of love in this darkness?

Each of us carries the song of humanity
Within us
Each one of us
Is a reflection of the whole
And when one of us
Finds the light within the darkness
So a little part of everyone else lights up
For everything is contained within everything else

And that is why I keep my light burning.

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

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