Stay Open For Grace

Keep your eyes and ears
Open for grace
Truly it is everywhere
Even in all this harshness
Still it is there
Don’t close your heart
In bitterness
You may miss that
One precious moment
That gives your life meaning

It is easy to close down
In this life
It’s what people do
Become bitter and resigned
But the true human being
Will endeavor
To stay open
To allow the world
To break their heart open
Not shut it down

That means
Looking out for grace
Listening for beauty
It could come from anywhere
The kindness of a stranger
The love of a dog
It could be a shooting star
Arching across the heavens
It could be a great insight
Or the words of a poem
It may just be a moment of silence

It doesn’t matter
That it happens
What matters is
Your availability

There are two types of people
The available
And the unavailable
And we each must choose
One or the other.

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