Serve Tenderness

Stay true to what is deep in your heart
Don’t keep moving away
Into minds righteousness
Listen and follow love’s wisdom
And then allow mind
To serve that wisdom
We have lost our hidden powers
And our deepest intuition
And without them we are adrift
Lost in the chaos and confusion
Of mind’s relentless pursuits

Come back to what is deep in your heart
Serve that tenderness
With humility and grace
Fall into the unknown
And listen to your innocence
It is still there, hidden and vulnerable
But still there
Waiting for your return
Return, friend, return
Again and again return
Until mind falls into it’s right place
As servant of love
Not master.



4 thoughts on “Serve Tenderness

  1. Myth*.

    Beautiful as always! Words of a content soul. You already know how much I relate to your wisdom and understanding! A valued connection. Looks like Mount Tamalpias in your photo? I forget how much I do miss the Bay Area until I see your blog posts at times. Home away from home! I use to hop on Bart and get off at the Embarcadero and walk everywhere with my camera! Then ride the cable car down to Pier 39. So much Fun! The tourist, the diversity of it all! Anyway, you are one of the blessed to have found your way! Such an amazing soul you have!Happy Holidays days to you and your family and friends Kavi! Blow a kiss to that beautiful Bay for me, will you please?


    1. Thanks Myth, I will blow the kiss from your heart. Actually the picture is of Santa Fe! There are some similarities. Funnily enough Santa Fe is probably going to be the next destination for us. We are seeing to grow our vision, build a center and live peacefully, spreading love and transformation. The Bay is too busy and too ‘techy’ and way too expensive for that. So it will be a sad farewell but life must keep unfolding.. Thanks you for your kind words. The picture below is the one that stays with me always.
      From Sausalito

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      1. Myth*.

        Yes, the Bay is far to hectic and over populated.Santa Fe, lots of festival’s, fairs, color and vibrant people! Life indeed must continue to unfold! Stagnant is not my way either. I’m going to send you one of my favorite shots of the City that I took from the San Leandro Marina in 2008. Transformation can be so healthy! Minds need change for emotional wellness. And positive change can be good on a relationship/marraige. Love, determination, dreams, togetherness, and hard work…reward…when you put the feet up and sigh! Hold on to each other tightly! Let nothing come between you except love, patience, and understanding! Much success and excitement on your new journey!


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