The End of the Guru and the Return of God

God has come down from on high
And now sits quietly
In surrender
Inside the wounds
In sorrow and in defeat
All elevation gone
Almighty now the lowly one
Buried in the dirt of the broken
Down amongst the slaves
The pedestal lies abandoned
Shattered into a million pieces
By endless betrayal
Man sold you God
In his own image
And now He is dead
‘It’s a suicide, They cried.
‘God is dead!’ They wailed.

No, God has returned
To true home inside
The humble heart
God was never a man
Never a guru
Never religious
Never almighty
Never on a pedestal
God was stolen
From inside each of us
Throughout history
Stolen from ordinary humble heart
Of each human being
Woman and man alike

And now His story is over
Thus and thus
There is no need for the Guru any longer
For God can come home
Without us seeking and searching
For something we imagine
We don’t have.

4 thoughts on “The End of the Guru and the Return of God

  1. Myth*.

    Kavi! This is You! Your inner peace.You are a replenished man!
    Your writing is filled with light!
    Come up and see me in the Springtime, bring your beautiful wife!
    Come see the “photographs”.
    Live long and prosperous my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a date Myth, would love to. Something within me has cleared over the years and I can see so much, so clearly..And it just takes me to the deepest love..Not ostentatious or pretentious but really very ordinary love. x


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