Poet of the Ocean

I fell into the ocean of poetry
Struggled to keep myself afloat
Until all hope was abandoned
And I surrendered to my fate
After an eternity of sinking
I made my way back to the shore
Drenched and half drowned
Crawled upon the beach
A stranger approached me
I couldn’t speak
My heart, lungs and mind
Were so filled with poetic water
Eventually I spluttered and a single word
Uttered from my lips….

That was the start of my return
To the human realm.

One thought on “Poet of the Ocean

  1. Oh my gosh. I do love the journey yourself poetry takes me on; it makes me a lover of the sea and water, although I have literally almost drowned… you replace the fear with passion, renewal, and seduction. Your sea is like my air and sky. Give me more!

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