Let The Air In

Grace is all around you
In the details and experiences of your life
It may not be there
In the way you desire
And it may even feel
As though you are a victim of life
But if you keep the window open
Just a fraction
The healing wind of grace
Will surely blow in
And bring fresh air
To that airless room
Sooner or later
Grace will have its way.

7 thoughts on “Let The Air In

      1. You are a beautiful human being. You found your path of least resistance! With love my your side! Could just be what anyone could ask for? Your words are tiny sermons for anyone to embrace.


  1. …Yes Kavi! You understand so much of what can/ should/ and Will be!
    Power of alimination,Shedding layers of soul debris. When the soul is cleansed, love and beauty can leave us breathless and speachless! Thoughts?


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