Intimacy – The Hidden Treasure

Intimacy is what happens
When the soul is laid bare
And received
With an open heart

It has nothing to do with sex

Intimacy is where
Openness meets itself
Beyond the walls of self protection

It is the ultimate display of rebellion
In a superficial world

But it has nothing to do with sex

To be intimate with anyone or anything
You have to be willing
To reveal your innermost
To explore your depths
And to hear without judgement
To be able to sit
In the complete unknown
Even as the fire might rage

Intimacy is being comfortable
In the discomfort
Of the unknown
Because this intimacy
Is where love lives

It is the secret treasure
Only the authentic explorer
Can discover.

8 thoughts on “Intimacy – The Hidden Treasure

  1. It seems to me that you’re describing two different facets of intimacy… on one side it’s as if you’re describing the ” self ” a self love; this type of self intimacy one finds discovering and becoming content with the true self. Then I feel like you’re describing intimacy with another, but the way im absorbing it is vulnerability? Can you elaborate?


    1. When the defended self is dissolved it all becomes intimate.I was going to use vulnerability but its so emotive. This talk of intimacy is a great conversation because it is both about how one is with oneself AND how one is with the apparent outside world, because they become the same thing. We can’t be truly intimate with ourselves without being intimate with the world and others..There is so much that goes on within us that we are unaware of and we ignore, and this tenderness, vulnerability and intimacy is what Im trying to point to, rather clumsily to be honest…xx


  2. I believe that there’s many types of intimacy. I.e. art, poetry, music has an intimate essence about it on various frequencies to different people, yet it can be just as intimate. Yet, I still think sex has a chemical, physical and energetic component to intimacy in the right situation. Heck sometimes even in the wrong situation. Hum. Now my brain is in overdrive. I’m going to have to research the issue. Ha! Now I feel like; it boils down to… choosing whether or not we decide to be intimate. Damn free will.


    1. My aim is to talk on and from and to the deepest level. Thats where the real transformation happens. The tenderest level where spirit meets matter, where our vulnerability is, but also where our true heart is. At that deepest level it is all intimate.


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