A River Flows Through Us

There is a river of natural intelligence
Flowing through everything and everyone
Find that river and serve it
Over and over
At first it may be unfamiliar
But keep on serving it
And listening to it
It is the source of true goodness
The well spring of love

It is there, in the space between things
In the pause between breaths
And the deep silence of still mind
In the deepest acceptance of what is
It is there, whispering to you
Nudging you with it’s intuition
It’s your instinct
Your inner guidance system

When you sit in silence
On a still day
In the arms of a great tree
You will feel it
This intelligence is everywhere
Yet we override it
In favor of collective beliefs
And self centered thinking

It takes daring and humility
Softness and surrender
To court this intelligence
It will shrink from demand
And run from aggression
You can’t drag it out
Or beg or barter with it

You can become tender
With yourself
With your life
With everything you have previously judged
With all your righteousness
With your wounds and trauma
With the world itself
You can become so tender
That you fall into an unknown place
And you stop all this seeking and searching
Just for one moment
And in that moment of emptiness
Just listen, quietly
And out of that utter silence
You will hear it
And you will feel it
It’s there, inside everything and everyone.

3 thoughts on “A River Flows Through Us

  1. May I ask if your everyday life is this beautiful? Is it this pure? Now ? I seek what it is you have, not exactly, but what the Divine has for me in this essence of beauty and energetic ease. Is your day to day really like you dispose in your poetry?


    1. Good question. The short answer is yes. But the longer answer is more subtle. Yes, our life is always connected to this natural intelligence, and yes it’s beautiful. BUT, it is also very ordinary, and we still have to deal with the ups and downs of life.
      Nothing I write is theoretical. It is all the truth of how I live and what I know through life’s experience. It wouldn’t have the same power if the words weren’t pulled from the deepest part of me.
      But again, that doesn’t mean we live in some rarefied state of bliss where nothing happens. Thats the imagination. When the imagination gets hold of spirituality it turns it into this blissful state that is entirely pain free and devoid of suffering. It doesn’t work like that in reality.
      What it really means to live like this is simply that there is no drama any more, no identification with success or failure, no more carrying of wounds or grievances, or righteousness, no life lived in rigid beliefs or opinions. Just a kind of wisdom that flows underneath and inside everything. It’s very clean without being moral or dogmatic.
      And it hasn’t always been like this, for me at least. It’s taken a great deal of inner work, persistence, surrender, inquiry and grace.
      But people do see how we live our life and recognize its beauty. Not on the external but how we live it.
      I hope that answers, kind of.
      Good question though. x


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