Abiding in Kindness

I have said this before
The door to liberation
Is marked KINDNESS
Kindness is hidden grace

It sounds easy and effortless
But kindness challenges
Our defended and righteous ego
We may be kind to ourselves
And others
For a while
But we have our limits
And at some point
They are challenged
And we react
Where did our kindness go?

Kindness is easily hijacked
By the ego self
And it will use kindness as another way
Of keeping itself intact
And defended

Kindness is not a tool
It’s a state of consciousness
And a way of being
It’s not another add on
An optional spiritual tool we can employ
To feel better about ourselves or life

Abiding in kindness
Is a room with no doors
The end of the search
The openness of love itself.

7 thoughts on “Abiding in Kindness

  1. I so love this. Um. Kindness is not a tool. It is so very easy to get used to using it this way. Almost deploying it like some sort of tactical measured emotion to wield on those deserving… I’m standing in full acknowledgement of my own actions. Wow! Thankyou for the lessons.

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