This is it, today
Now, here, this moment,
No other time, in presence, in truth
With great love and openness,
Heart blown
Mind empty
All stories relinquished
Grievances dropped
The past dissolved into forgiveness
Nothing left to hold you down
No weights, ties, chains
All heaviness gone
Whatever tethered you
Whatever thoughts kept you pinned
The gravity of unconscious patterns
All this now gone
Into a new joy
A new you
The butterfly embraced
Wings unfolding
Oxygen flowing
A new dawn rising
Tentative stretches

Flying, rising, awakening, being
Seeing, clearly
Not transcendent or aloof
But flowing through everything
One with all
Inclusive, embraced and embodied

There was never a God outside us
And each of us is a Jesus.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Risen

      1. Thank you. I was away on a silent retreat in a Cistercien Monastery. It did some good and beyond. Thank you for always sharing so much wisdom and serenity. Kenza.


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