Who Dares Talk of Love?

Who is it that dares to speak of love
In these dark days of hate and fear
Even in the spiritual world
They would rather talk of awakening
Or enlightenment or ascension

Only the bold, the fool and the mystic
Will dare talk of love
Only those who have touched its living essence
Those who have bathed in eternity
They are the only ones who dare
You cannot talk of what you do not know
It diminishes it

I dare speak the name of love
I dare utter it and even allow it
To be misunderstood
For I have fallen so deeply into it
That I no longer care what anyone thinks
I have been consumed by the fire of love
Not personal love
But the vast splendor of majesty
Love as truth, as God,
As divine wisdom and grace
I dare speak it
For love is inside me, outside me,
In all things, everywhere
And there really is nothing else.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash.

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