I Can Offer You Courage

I will not offer you any illusions here
No phony mask of spiritual perfection
No claim to have become untouched
By the human experience
No arrogance or righteousness
I will not offer you dogma or pomposity

All I can offer is my own experience
What lies in my heart,
And in that part we may call soul
I can offer you lessons learned
On the perilous journey
I can tell you how I remembered myself
When I was forgotten
How I came to only speak of love
When most of my life
I could not even say the word

I can remind you, tease you, nudge you
But mostly I will only invite you
Deeper into yourself
You know who you are,
You have the wisdom,
No one can give it to you
All you need is the courage and the daring

I am here to give you that courage
Everyone is on the same path
No better or worse
No greater or lesser
Everyone is utterly equal in the eyes of God.

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