An Unstoppable Force of Goodness

There is an awakening happening
The veil is being lifted
Old masters, wisdom teachers
Enlightened ones
Are returning as collective rays
No one individual holds the answers
For the answer is in the collective
Collective wisdom
Guided by feminine tendencies
But not just of women

There is a new dawn happening
The suppression of nature
Inside and outside
Has run its course
And now it is awakening
It will be messy
And chaotic
And those that hold on tightly
And those that cannot embrace love
Will cling hold of their illusory power

But there is an awakening happening
And the movement of the wave
Is now unstoppable
No one is choosing it
It’s happening through us
The movement of evolution
Playing itself out
But we get to serve it
Even with our fears and doubts

If there is anything left to serve these days
Serve that awakening with all your heart
But not on the outside
On the inside, in your own heart
Be committed to awakening
From the dream of separation
From the tyranny of mind
By letting go of all that is not love
By releasing old wounds that hold you back
By releasing the mind that wants to rule everything
By becoming so free you are
An unstoppable force of goodness.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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