Love Served One Cup at a Time

Love is always here, in great abundance,
A never ending supply, the very fabric of reality

But the water of love must be served
One cup at a time, one person at a time,
One action at a time
Consciously, in small or great ways

Who will say they serve love?
Will you say you put love above all things
Will you say you serve it with all your heart
Not in some religious or pious
Not in a way that looks down on others
But in a way that looks across at itself

Can you say that love is serving itself
Seeing it in others, being it,
Offering it up one cup at a time
That’s what the world needs
From each of us
No more messing about
No more hiding from the glare
No more waiting for the right time
Or the right you, or the right alignment
But simply, through word, deed, and gesture
Through the ordinariness of life
In the heart of the marketplace
In the smallest of interactions
To serve the cup of love
It doesn’t have to be grandiose
It just has to be genuine.

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