Back to Love

Each time I fall into a dark hole
I come back to love
When the tyrants of fear
Bang on my door in the night
I come back to love
Even when the whole world
Seems doomed
I come back to love
When I fail, or fall, or miss the mark
I come back to love
When the righteous ghost within
Tells me it’s all wrong
And it really shouldn’t be like this
I come back to love

This love I come back to
Is a refuge not a hiding place
It’s a place where everything is allowed
All the dark thoughts
And terrible feelings
Where fear is not rejected
And failure is accepted
This love says
I open even to this
For love is the deepest acceptance
Of what is.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Back to Love

  1. Kavi, it has been a pleasure knowing that someone like you is in the world spreading love, joy, and light! It is not always a peaceful Road when soul-searching and and searching for purpose. May you always find comfort and always be loved, and in love! ☀️


      1. I completely understand Kavi. You have figured out what matters most and what feels Oh so good too really live a beautiful life a o gst everyday proplems which occur in all of our lives! You found the Key to free your soul! Isn’t gorgeous when many of us find the most amazing people whom come into our lives just at the right time who leaves us wanting more!? Bless you too dear soul whom reaches far and wide! ❤️☀️


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