Now Is The Time For Love

As the world creaks and groans
Under the weight of all this suffering
As things appear to be collapsing
And the haters have crawled out
And scream their madness

Now is the time for love

As the sword of damocles
Draws ever closer to us
And crisis lurks around every corner
And the despots and petty tyrants
Wield their miserable power
Over the unconscious masses

Now is the time for love

Now is the time
For the kind of love
That rises up
And stands for goodness
Like a protective mother
This is Kali time
A kind of us and them
Where the only them is fear
And hatred and intolerance

Now is the time for love

Not in some innocuous
Love and light way
But as a line in the sand
Beyond which hate will not go
Love is a fire
There is a strength and power love has
That can shrivel
The contortions of what is false

Love stands for the truth of things
It always has
Centuries have passed
And love has remained the same
And there have been those
Who carried the torch
And passed it on
To us
And now it is our turn

When love dies,
We die
And I don’t mean personal love
I mean love as the light of truth
Love as the fragrance of all that is good
Love as the essence of who we are

And now is the time for that love
In you, in me, at all times
Everywhere we go
Carried into all transactions
Not selective love

But love as authentic relationship with everyone.

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

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